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Friday, March 18


I don't know how it happened but the posts at this blog got themselves deleted and Blogger Help isn't really. Neither is their support. I've tried everything they suggest but the missing posts are just that;missing. My first reaction to it was to take a quick look for them, then to accuse Teadrinker of deleting them in retaliation for deleting *her* blog. I've asked Blogger Support to investigate, but who knows how long that will take? I guess it is not out of the realm of the possible, that *I* deleted them, but I really don't think so. I KNOW I deleted the posts that I saved from her blog. I saved them one by one, then deleted them, so I don't know how mine could have gotten mixed in, but anything is possible here.
Tonight was the Free Dance and the last of the Dance. Russia, gold, US silver, Ukraine, bronze and we are in 6th place.I'm a bit flabberfasted as Galit and Srgei skated really well and should have been bronze at least. Politics as usual. And just before the presentation ceremony there were the soldiers again. I missed the explanation of why they were there, if there was one.
All the joy of watching was offset by the insanity with Teadrinker. She can't open e mails sent from Yahoo in OE. I've run into just about every snafu imaginable, but never that one. At the risk of being accused of insulting her Effie, I can but wonder. Thunderbird is missing inbox, sent, trash, and junk files down the left side and OE won't let her read Yahoo. There's a problem sending from 013 to bezeq that might or might not be solved. I wanted to watch the dance and wasn't about to get dragged into a hopeless argument on IM. Child Genius was here and said he never saw anything like me watching that competition! Poor kid, I ignored him the whole time he was here, but it was WORLDS and DANCE at that. No one gets between me and Ice Dance. No one. In order not to be too rude, I watched it on the 15" Sony from the wheelchair and now regret it. There's a reason the big TV is in my room, and it's time to go and put my aches into a more comfortable position, right after I go walkies with Peg.


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