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Saturday, March 19


I'm not quite sure why I'm posting about Worlds here, but maybe it's because even in figure skating, there's no getting away from political intrigue. The ladies Free was better than I could have hoped for. Kwan didn't make it to the podium by one place only, but Slutskaya wiped the ice with the others. She was brilliant and I still get choked up when I think of it. To come back from she went through over the last few years and win Worlds so resoundingly was a joy to watch. And even more wonderful for her, in her home town. Well done, Irina. I'm thrilled for you. Sasha Cohen(USA) silver and Carolina Kostner (Italy) bronze were just right too. I'm a bit sad for Kwan, but, she just didn't skate that well and to be in 4th place isn't the end of the world. I like her a lot and her skating is lovely to watch. All that's left now is the gala tomorrow, then back to normal(?)!

It was most interesting to note the Russians were all wearing new Russia jackets. AND the soldiers were no where to be seen. Does the new incarnation of the KGB read my blog, or was it noticed by others?

Our Chief of Staff, Boogie Ayalon had a go at Sharon and Mophaz on the subject of the dastardly duo not extending Ayalon's tour for an extra year, as has been customary. There has been a lot of speculation on the subject, and I'm afraid I agree with those who say it was because a YES man is wanted for the withdrawal and Ayalon had to go because he tells it like it is and not they way S&M want it to be. This does not bode well for the army or the country.

There was an promo on just before the news flash at 1700 for the news tonight. From what I caught, an American *expert* of some kind was analyzing the Sunday Times assertion that we have American permission to implement plans for wiping out Iran's nuke program. The bit they showed had the *expert* saying that we should go to the press before the bombs start falling, rather than while they are falling. I have a better idea. Let's just e mail the plans to the Iranians in the hope that the plans will be enough to scare them out of continuing? My post on the subject is one of the lost posts, and I have no intention of trying to recreate it, other than to add that I wondered then, and wonder now why the Brits printed it? The French and/or Russians I could understand their motive, they have direct financial interests in the Iranian nuke program. BUT THE BRITS? Too bad their G notices only apply to their own government secrets. They might want to expand it to include their allies.


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