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Sunday, March 20


It seems the folks at Worlds made a minor booboo and Kwan won bronze, bumping Kostner down to 4th place. They awarded the medal to Kostner in the ceremony. It seems a bit stupid to do that before the results are properly calculated. There's only a small difference in their scores; less than one point. I was hoping Kwan would get bronze, but, in truth, Kostner deserved it by a small margin. How in the world did a mistake of that magnitude happen? The scoring system is supposedly computerized and the results should have come up in the proper order.

I completely misunderstood that promo for the Israel 1 news. They did an interview with Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers infamy, and it was a revelation. The man should still be in prison for what he did back then. He is dangerous. On one level I can understand being against ALL war, but that only works if EVERYONE ELSE IS TOO. Wouldn't it be lovely if there was no more war or need for armies? If only; but as long as there are bullies out there like Saddamn, Assad,Bin Laden, and Nassralla, we don't have that luxury, nor will we for a long time to come. Ellsberg claims that Bush et al lied to the American people and the whole world about the need to go into Iraq, and that he thinks the Yanks will never leave. His contention is that it took 10 years to get out Viet Nam and thy didn't have oil, so, how much longer will it take to leave Iraq, which does? Of course the Iraqis would be better off under Saddamn than in the position of struggling to become a democracy. Dictators are ALWAYS better, as long as they only do bad things to their own people. Sorry, not buying it. Lots of Iraqis were killed during the takeover, but how many were murdered and tortured by Saddamn and his sons? Get over it, people. The bad guys gotta go. The ever so wonderful Europeans are against the US, and some (spain) have run away in the face of terror. Does anyone there really think that has made them safer in the long run? Of course not. Rule # 1; NEVER GIVE IN TO TERRORIST DEMANDS. Did no one over there learn that the best way to get the playground bully to leave you alone is to stand up to him? Come on, people, how many times do they have to tell you that they want to dominate the world and turn everyone into good little obedient muslims before they figure out they mean it. Are the Europeans really so petty as to believe that in light of their loss of influence worldwide, the US is evil incarnate because their influence is greater? If so, they, the Euros are just a bunch of whiney, snot nosed losers who not only lost, but refuse to acknowlege it. Many countries in the EU are already faced with muslim pressure from with in. If they don't wake up PDQ, it will be too late, if it isn't already


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