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Tuesday, March 22


I absolutely do not understand the Eurosport sites' results of the World's ladies championship. In one place, they have Kwan as Bronze medalist, but all the articles say Kostner won bronze and Kwan was left off the podium. The medal *was* given to Kostner (I saw it myself) but the points have Kwan winning it by a fraction. Ah, well. It doesn't really matter. It was a great competition and Slutzkaya was wonderful.

Things are as insane as ever here. The Likud is driving themselves and everyone else crazy with their pre budget vote antics. The MKs don't seem to grasp that if they topple Sharon, very few of them will keep their seats after the election. It scares me to think that Peres and his lot might take over. One of the Likud lot actually came out against the disengagement and blasted Sharon for the way he is demonizing the settlers who were sent there by the government, and now are being thrown to dogs by the very people who sent them there. Is it any wonder that they are so bitter? Instead of the support and recognition the deserve, they are scorned,cursed, and made to feel like criminals for demanding that Sharon keep his word to them and the whole country. This goes on even as Abu Mazzen tells the terrorist leaders in Damascus that after the Jews leave, they can set up headquarters in Gaza. Doesn't much sound like he's going to disarm or disband them.
Folks up here are starting to get jumpy when there's a loud noise they can't immediately identify. Shades of the good old days when there more katyushas than birds in the sky. The Syrians as well as Abu Mazzen are getting a lot experience playing Arafarts game-tell them what they want to hear, the do what they want to do, and so on and on and on.
And now Kofi Anan is playing it too. He wants to reform the UN and the things he's proposed look like a good way to up the obfuscation factor there. A more corrupt, ineffective international band of semi legal thieves is all they are and they are planning their long term re entrenchment as I type.
I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the Europeans major trouble is that they miss the power they once held on the world stage, and that in spite of the fact that they went through WWll against German's, they missed the point. They didn't learn that the worst thing to do is to give into unreasonable demands. They will be against whatever the US wants simply because it's the US and they resent having lost their power and having been helped back to their feet by the US after the war. I guess we'll have to go through it yet again, and of course, they, the EU will learn nothing from it another time. It's true, the more things change, the more hey stay the same. Quell domage. And damn the French anyway.


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