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Friday, March 25


I haven't been keeping up here for reasons that can be found in Gimp House, but that should be over now, and with any luck, I'll be able to post here more or less regularly. There were three topics I wanted to write about yesterday, but got sidetracked before I got to them. With my luck at least two of them could result in a visit from the Security Service types!
Back on the night Rabin was killed, crocodile Dundee was on TV and I had to leave for my ride to work. I figured I'd get there in time to see the end. By the time I got there, the news that Rabin had been shot was on and for obvious reasons, no more movie. I never did get to see the end, until last night. I caught up with the movie about half way through, and watched avidly to get to part that was on when I left. As can only happen to me, I found that I left home a whole two minutes before the movie ended, so, in effect, missed nothing. After almost 5 years, that was a bit odd. I'd had seeing how that movie ended parked on the back burner of my mind foe so long that it was a bit of a surprise to find out that I hadn't missed anything at all.
I am very thankful that I live here now and not in the States. They have lost it there. A country that gives credence to PETA and takes animal rights more seriously than those of woman is not the place for me. Terry Shiavo is being starved to death because her husband wants it that way. I am very sorry, but as long as there is no conclusive up to date medical information on her state and she is breathing on her own, HE is the one who should be starved. As long as one medico says there's a chance at some rehab for her, she should be fed, and treated. The damages award her husband got should be taken from him and transferred to her parents. The whole thing is too insane to contemplate. She may have said that she did not want to be kept alive machines, but she IS breathing on her own and a feeding tube IS NOT a machine. Come on, people. Give her a chance.
There was one more subject I wanted to have a bit of a rant on, but I can't recall what it was at the moment.


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