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Friday, July 21


I've been through more than few barrages of katyushas and shrugged it off. Even the one that knocked me off the motorcycle in '92 didn't effect me like the ones coming down now. Of course having a proper missile land 50 yards away was scary as hell. Actually the thing that really has me scared is the thought that we are going to be stopped before the Hizzbullies are finished off and gotten rid of. What is wrong with the rest of the world? Has everyone forgotten that it isn't just our war? Don't they realize what will happen if we lose? Bush and Blair seem to get it, as do Egypt, Jordan, the Saudis and even the legal Lebanese government. They all want us to finish them off. It's pretty obvious to any one who isn't brain dead that the whole thing was started as a diversion for the Iranian head case who wants a nuke to use to turn the rest of the world into one big Islamoglobe. If we are not allowed to the job now, it will be too late and everyone had best start learning the Koran by heart. It really is that simple and they've been saying it for years now.
We have a battery of artillery just inside town and it makes more noise than you can imagine. It fires almost all day long and most of the night. There's a corridor from there straight up our street and it sounds like they are right in the house.
At the risk of repeating what has been said over and over here (and I do wish the TV talking heads would shut up) this isn't going to end unless we go in and clean out the North Vietnamese style tunnel systems they had 6 years to build and stock. Everyone is wailing that the price in casualties will be too high, but the price of not doing it will be much higher-an Islamoworld. I'm not as frightened by the missiles as I am by the thought that we might stop before the job is done. That's just not an option for us, or the world.
Never mind the fact that I'm not sure we even deserve to win, the rest of the world doesn't deserve for us to lose.
I'm not going to go into what's so wrong with us right now. And I don't want to dwell on the local corruption and how the local authorities are handling things here. It starts at the top and if the government doesn't get it's act together PDQ they just might have a civilian revolt on their hands when the shooting is over.
I'm sorry, but it infuriates me that people in the line of fire are encouraged to leave. That does nothing except reinforce defeatist behavior. It smacks of what the Arab leadership did back in '47 and '48 when they told the Arab population to leave their homes so that they could come back after the Jews were wiped out. They turned into refugees and lost their property. I expected better from us, but, I guess I was wrong. I still think that giving in is wrong and I'm staying right here in my own house and bed even if they don't know it. I do, and I refuse to give them that small victory. As the authorities are only helping the people in shelters and I'm well supplied and have a fully fueled jeep outside and two credit cards, I'm not a burden on the system. Of course if things get too wild, I do have my own shelter right in the house, complete with TV, phone lines, books, VCR, and comfy recliner I can sleep on, if need be. I hope I don't wuss out and use it, but it could happen.
I can't believe my ears. One of the wealthiest women in the country, who bought herself a radio show just referred to the poor Lebanese. I don't think so. If they didn't have the smarts to get rid of the Hizzbullies themselves and are letting us do it, I refuse to feel bad for what they are going through. Of course, I detest her on the best of days. She's always looking for someone else to donate/help, rather than putting her hand into her own pocket and doing it herself. She is well able to. But, she's another story for another day, and a perfect example of what's wrong with us."It's not *my* problem, get someone else to fix it."
I'm having a hard time figuring out what I want to say here, except that we have to finish what they started.


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