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Saturday, January 7


Things change so quickly here it's often hard to keep up. They are now talking about a slight improvement in Sharon's condition, but there is still a lot of confusion and much missing information, so it's hard to tell. In any case the prognosis is not good.
Bat Chen called and after we settled her new dog questions and my letters, we got on to the 'subject of the day' and after I explained some of the medical stuff to her we came up with a theory. She heard Pat Robertson's statement that this is G-d's punishment for giving away land. I said that while I do agree that it was partly for giving up the land, but also for the way the settlers were turned into refugees in their own country, and that I have this strange picture in my mind of G-d whispering in Sharon's ear. Bat Chen took it a bit further and added that it wouldn't surprise her at all if Sharon woke up and fully recovered as a result of negotiations with G-d. Of course I had to mention Rabin, and she said that he probably turned G-d's offer down flat, and that's why he died so quickly. Who knows? Stranger things have happened and while it's not always obvious, I am a believer. We'll just have to wait and see. We both firmly believe that the hand of G-d is at work in this.


  • At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Charles Amico said…

    I was commenting on my Blog that every time there seems to be a ray of hope in the world, a tragedy besets the person we have turned to and trusted. Sharon is another example of a long list of peiople like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Rabin, Sadat and others.

    Then here in the States, we have to put up with the pronoucements of nuts like Pat Robertson saying God's wrath has hit Sharon because of his giving land to the Palestinians. Go figure.

    Read my comments on Sharon as I commented about him the day before his stroke and then after at http://cdiamico.blogspot.com

    ps. You can also block the spammers from adding stuff to your site by checking a box in setup that makes people type a series of letters to add comments. It worked for me.

  • At 11:34 PM, Blogger Purplegimp said…

    *Um, as a somewhat 'not entirely right in the head' ex Mainer living in Northern Israel for ideological reasons, I agree in part with what Pat Robertson said and that is quite unusual. I'm perfectly happy being classified as a nut, though a promotion to condiments would be nice! It's probably hard to tell from my blogs that I am a believer in the G-d of the Old Testament, and have long conversations with Him daily. Admitting that would probably be enough to get me locked up in most places, but it's quite usual here. I've been furious with Sharon for a long time now, but still like the guy on a personal level. He has an amazingly charismatic personality.
    Oh, gosh, this looks and reads like the ravings of a mad woman, which I most likely am.
    I do appreciate you taking the time to comment, and will read your blog in the morning when I'm not so groggy. Right now I'm going to check what happened to the spam blocker I thought I had!


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