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Saturday, December 31


If it weren't so important, and if I didn't know better through personal experience, I'd probably be ok with Sharon making decisions so soon after his stroke. I remember mine quite vividly and do not buy for a minute that he is mentally capable of running things. They say he never lost consciousness, but later said that he had trouble talking. Well, I was conscious the whole time too and never had trouble talking, but I was far from lucid. I argued with the doctor about which hospital to go to, and after I won the argument, went to the bus station to take a bus to the hospital! I did have the good sense to call Irit who had the good sense to grab a taxi and rescue me from my insanity. Granted, Sharon never had the chance to do anything quite that stupid ( I was convinced of the logic of the decision to take a bus to the hospital in Haifa) he does think he can function as PM. Sorry, but he can't and shouldn't, especially not now with kassam rockets being fired at the western Negev and Ashkelon, and with Al Kaeda shooting katyushas at us and scoring direct hits on buildings in town. Our intelligence lads say it was Al Kaeda and the rockets had Russian writing on them, and time delayed fuses. As usual, very little was done about it other than complaining at the UN. Like they are going to anything about it. Syria is the bad guy in this. Russia supplies Assad with the rockets and they end up in houses in Kiryat Shmonah, and we run to the UN? Being shot twice in one month is just not an option, and saying that the Lebanese government is responsible just doesn't cut it when the rockets were supplied by Syria thanks to the Russians. The fact that our response is negligible encourages them to keep right on shooting at us. I'm really not sure what our response should be, but it should not be to sit back and send letters to the UN. If that's the best Sharon can come up with, we are in deep trouble. Terror leaders are openly proclaiming that it's only a matter of time before they run us out of "their land" The got us out of Southern Lebanon and Gaza by using terror, and they'll get rid us completely by the same means eventually. And all Sharon and Mofaz do is write letters and make noise. Restraint is going to push us all into the Med swimming for our lives before too long.


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