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Wednesday, December 14


This country is spiraling out of control at warp speed. People don't even bother to think of laws as recommendations anymore, they simply ignore them and do as they please. Why not? Our duly elected leaders have absolutely no concept of honesty or morality, so why should we?
Sharon trampled any semblance of democracy when he thumbed his nose at the whole country by going ahead with the Gaza withdrawal in direct defiance of his party's express wishes. He then broke away from the Likud and started his own party, and filled it with members who are under police investigation for a variety of criminal activities. Our very own mayor joined as well. *He* was forced to resign yesterday after the police recommended that he stand trial for election bribery. How good of him to spare Sharon's party the embarrassment of his pending trial. He should have retired as mayor as well fact he should have done that before leaving Sharon. Actually, it's ok as the city council is now pretty much solid opposition to him. The opposition now is the majority and it is likely that they will force him out. It can't happen soon enough for me.
If our highest elected officials can get away with so much, why in the world should we bother with being moral law abiding citizens?
One day our Defence Minister says he will stay in the Likud, then a few days later leaves it for Sharon's gang of thugs, giving the exact same reasons on both occasions. And we are supposed to not only believe him, but vote for him. He's not the only one. Several others did the very same thing. Opinion polls show a huge election win for that lot and if they indeed win, we deserve it. I can only hope and pray that Sharon loses and loses big and that we, the voters have enough sense to demand changes and accountability from our politicians. I don't have much hope of that happening, but I can and do pray for it.


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