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Tuesday, June 21


I've almost gotten the religion thing sorted in my mind. The operative word here is -almost- Hardly a day goes by without a new aspect popping up just to confuse me.
So, where do things stand now?
The Da Vinci Code sent me on this search, but the questions actually started with a radio show many months ago called Dark Matters when Don and Dwight brought Stichin's http://www.sitchin.com/ Sumerian aliens to my attention. The basic contention there is that an alien group arrived in Sumeria-a part of modern day Iraq and started the whole monotheistic thing which eventually to Judaism (there are indications in the Old Testament(New too) of angels (giants) that might well have been aliens. These aliens gave Moses the 10 Commandments and the rules by which Jews still live today, and lead people away from Nature Worship to the idea of One God, and morality. Ok, so far, so good. But who created these aliens who seemingly presented themselves as The Creator? Were they just messengers of the Higher Power, or did they find a primitive (by their standards) place and decide to shape and control our progress? Where does Jesus fit in here? Did something go wrong with the aliens original plan (The Law according to the Old.Testament)? Did they decide a new direction was needed, and did that go wrong too? There's not much of a case these days for the N.T. having done much better than the O.T. in helping us become more moral; rather the opposite. In fact more horrors were perpetrated in the name of Jesus than at any other time in the history of this planet. Is it all just a cosmic experiment to see what *we* can become? Have we been 'praying' to aliens these thousands of years? Are they (the aliens) just playing with us because they can?
I don't have definitive answers to any of my questions. In fact, I think it all boils down to personal belief at this point, and I doubt we'll ever really know. I do, however believe that Judaism is a better code of morality and that Christianity is as much a perversion of God's laws as the various radical sects of Judaism are. Everything any of us need to live *good* moral lives is right there in the O.T. for us to learn on our own without anyone else interpreting it for/to us. We have simply given up on taking responsibility for our own lives and handed that responsibility to interpreters-rabbis/ministers/priests/churches, and that is where we have all collectively gone wrong.
My take on it is that each of us is/should be struggling with personal issues of right and wrong, that this is the world we should be concerned with, not the hereafter, if there is one, and that trying to influence others of the *right* of our individual way is as bad if not worse than acting immorally.
I'm still turning all this over in my mind and the more I read and search, the more I am convinced that there must be,*is* an Almighty and that the Old Testament is the closest to *right* that this world has.
It's time for the A Team now, but I'm sure 'll be back with more wonderings on the subject.


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