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Saturday, May 7


Our lovely little city now has 3, count them, 3 free Friday newspapers. I use the term newspapers cautiously as only sort of deserves the term these days and it's owned by Hananiah Fahima which should come as no surprise to anyone in town. He managed to hire the services of a fairly good editor, a good reporter, a decent satirist, and a pretty good columnist. His timing was brilliant. The new paper debuted a couple of weeks before Passover, the traditional week for the other two papers to not come out. He also cut advertising rates to the bone and it looks like the battle is on. The Aloni (Meida 8) crowd who are already in trouble with their new illiterate editor and wannabe reporter won't be able to stay in the game much longer at the rate things are going. There is really only room for two papers in town and Meida looks like it's on the way out.
I adored the headlines in the new one. The police have recommended prosecuting our corrupt mayor! Yes! I've been waiting a long time for that, and if they don't prosecute, it will not be pretty around here. Ok, so Fahima has a bone to chew with our illustrious mayor, but everyone knows he's crooked, and at the least, things will be interesting. I think I'll dust off Bye Bye Barby in the hope it will be useful at some point. I might even translate it into Hebrew even though Bye Bye Birdie wasn't exactly a big hit here and not many will get the reference! I can still have fun with it.
The news last night about the so called Palestinian plans for the soon (maybe not) to be abandoned homes of the settlers in Gaza came as no surprise. They want to give them to the families of the suicide bombers in place of the homes we destroyed. They haven't exactly made a public announcement on the subject, but, it makes sense. It seems they think it will be a fine solution and prevent fighting among the factions over the abandoned property. What a great solution! Suicide bomber families side by side with the terror organizations Abu Mazzen has already offered Gaza to. When will the insanity stop? Why do I even bother to ask? It will stop when the world, especially this part of it, is Judenrein. Even as we prepare to pull out, they make no secret of the fact that it is just the beginning and that their ultimate peace plan is to get rid of Israel. They keep saying that they want to move ahead on the roadmap, but do absolutely nothing to move forward on the issues they agreed to. It seems that they want us to do our share and once we have, there will be no reason for them to do anything as we won't be here anymore. What really upsets me is that we are just sitting back and letting it happen. All based on lies Sharon is perpetuating. I've come to the conclusion that Sharon is seriously suffering from senility. I do not buy that he sees thing from 'there' that we can't see from 'here'. I think it's rather the opposite. I'm sure we all know how easy it is to manipulate a senile senior citizen, and I suspect that's exactly what happened here. At least *I* didn't vote Likud last time. The man gotta go, and we must stop the unilateral withdrawal. The only result of which will be more terror as it will be obvious to the other side that it works. Excuse me, but I thought that we were the country that NEVER negotiates with terrorists? I guess I was wrong big time.


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