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Tuesday, April 5


The audacity of the man is nothing short of breathtaking. He actually has the nerve to come here and try to make peace between us and the so called palestinians? By what authority? I really don't like the man. I have no time for that kind of arrogance. Is he angling for the Nobel (ignoble) Peace (piece) prize or to be the second actor to be elected President of the US. If it's the latter, using this as an opening move in his campaign is stupid to say the least. What understanding of the issues can he posibly have to let him think that he has any part of the answer to things over here? Or is he actulally arrogant enough to think that an outside Hollyweird perspective is what's needed? Ach, who knows what goes on in the mind of a guy like him? I don't, nor do I want to. The only thing with Gear in the title that I'm interested in is Top Gear Extra with Jeremy Clarkson, and his crew! IN fact, I'd rather like to hear what Jezza himself thinks on the subject. He'd most likely have us holding our sides in laughter all the way through the signing of the agreement.


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