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Thursday, March 31


And the Yanks think *they* are having judicial issues? Our, every ready, willing, and able(?) Supreme Court ruled on an old bone of contention between the Religious and Secular factions today and have the Religious up in arms and looking for ways to get around it. The Who is a Jew question gets taken out and dusted off for a few more rounds in the ring of public contention every now and then. Today the Justices added their .02 shekels(at a sn exchange rate of 4.32 shekels to the dollar) worth to the issue. They ruled that anyone who underwent a Conservative or Reform conversion is eligible to move here under the Law of Return. The Law of return basically says that any person who was born of Jewish parents, or underwent an Orthodox conversion, or had at least one Jewish grandparent can move here and be granted citizenship under the law of return. The Religious lot have problems with that formula, but as it's pretty much the same one Hitler and his crowd used to decided if someone was Jewish, they don't make too much noise about it. They *do* make very difficult for any one who comes here under the 1 grand parent part of the rule. Not over civilian issues, but over religious ones, like marriage, and burial and how they are listed in the 'nationality' clause. Judaism is passed on through the mother for the simple reason that the mother is always known.
Ok, so, now anyone who was converted can come here under the law of return, and walk straight into the Black Suit crowd's insanity. They care not a bit that it is strictly forbidden to remind a convert that he was once not Jewish.
The way I look at it is; if someone wants to be Jewish enough to go through a conversion of any type, and be known as Jew for the rest of his life, then in my eyes he's as Jewish, if not more so than one who was born to it and never really did anything to be so considered. A convert went through the whole thing for what were for him good enough reasons that were accepted by a Rabbinical Court of which ever movement he chose. Who are the Black Suits to say he is any less Jewish than I am? I do realize that it is a sensitive issue, but really, there are limits.
Terri Shiavo died today. I am sad that things ended up the way they did and that she was allowed to be killed in such an inhumane way. Whether her husband was right or wrong, there is no doubt in my mind that courts should have erred on the side of life. This could lead to some very scary things in the future. And don't any one dare use the words mercy killing in my presence. It was so not merciful.
I am slowly reading my way through The Secret Of The Code and finding things I have to think about on every page. What a book! It will take a long time to assimilate it all and be able to express my new insights. I want to take it nice and slow so as to not miss anything. It brings so many different aspects together in a way I've never run into before. Pagan, to Biblical, which leads right into modern day theology. I'm thinking all the way through and turning new ideas this way and that way when not reading.


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