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Thursday, March 31


It is so true that the more things change the more they stay same, so it looks like the French got at least one thing right. The so called Palestinians had a so called democratic election [as if an Israeli would know a democratic election from any other kind, (but more of that another time)] Abu Mazzen is just Arafart *B* and can't/won't do any thing about cleaning up the terror infrastructure. This is a recurring theme here, but true none the less. It seems that our lads gave his lads some intel about a group in Tulkarem that was planning an attack and the name of the perpetrator of the last one in Tel Aviv was on the list. The intel was passed on to Abu Mazzen who did absolutely nothing about it. Ooops. Our talking heads figure that he's scared to take on the big bad groups, who are threatening him. His best bet for survival is to get rid of them. But, don't hold your breath.
The Yanks are even saying (if quietly) that he's not doing enough to keep his end of what he is expected to do to insure forward movement on any peace plan. Has anyone told the Yanks about his promise to the terror groups presently headquartered in Damascus? That alone should be enough to get him a high placement on the Bad Guys List. And lest we not forget, Assad has said he'll take his troops out of Lebanon. Does that include the Hezbolla? Of course not. They have to stay there to keep things off balance and accuse us of interfering. Nasralla loves to talk about how keeping Lebanon in turmoil is in our interest when it blatantly is not.

I'm not going to redo my whole Christianity is a huge mistake theory here, but there have been a few revisions to it since I started reading the companion book to The Da Vinci Code, The Secrets Of The Code by Dan Burstein. There's nothing there to change my mind that Christianity is pretty much a hoax perpetrated on it's faithful by strong man tactics by those who became powerful enough in the movement to hide certain relevant facts concerning Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I am still convinced that Jesus did not preach anything against Judaism, but rather, was trying to get things back on track and his disciples had to make drastic alterations to get membership up. It also makes perfect sense to me that he WAS married to Mary M. What has changed is that I now think that the early church did everything in it's power to reduce the role/power of women in religious life. There seem to be indications that women were central to what Jesus was teaching, and that the now common perception of G-d as masculine is just plain wrong. To me it makes much more sense that the Devine is a union of opposites-male AND female. Come on people, even men realize that things pretty much come to a grinding halt without BOTH genders, in vitro not with standing The old time pagan religions worshipped the goddess as well as the G-d. Someone way back then, in the earliest days of Christianity decided that one way to move folks from the Pagan ways would be to deny the feminine, and exclude women from central roles in the emerging Church. Was it a conspiracy as Dan Brown seems to think? My mental jury is still out on that one, but might come in with a verdict by the time I finish the book. In keeping with my belief that 'there are no coincidences or accidents' it is just possible that odd twists and turns of emerging Christianity are part and parcel of THE PLAN. The basic tenets of Christianity are, after all, grounded in our Torah. Things start to fall apart when the Jews of that time refused to take on the new twists to their beliefs, and have been refusing to ever since. For most of the time since then we have pretty much sat by quietly practicing our religion, and refusing to be converted. It's only recently that we've gotten a bit rambunctious on the world political/religious stage. The one thing we all pretty much agree on is the Jesus WAS Jewish. The rest is open for discussion.


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