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Sunday, April 10


She did it to me again! Caroline Glick, the J.Putz(Jerusalem Post) editor had a piece in Garthwaite's daily dispatch that says it all, and better that I ever could. You can read it here: http://www.townhall.com/columnists/CarolineGlick/cg20050409.shtml She has, as usual, hit the nail on it's head. Too bad so few are reading it here.
I woke up to news reports that one of the most wanted terrorists is broadcasting from Temple Mount that we are going to destroy the Temple Mount and their rotten mosque up there. His broadcast is no less that a call to arms to defend their ever so holy place. Some of our lot were planning to go up there and do 'who knows what' but the Powers That Be(but shouldn't) have deployed Police units to keep Jews off the place. Right, we are going to damage/destroy it. It was our renovation of Solomon's Stables into a huge mosque that caused cracks in the foundations. Tragically it *was* our religious establishment that forbade Jews to go there after we liberated the Old City in 1967, and our very own government that went along with it, rather than declaring that whether to go up there is something that each one us should decide for ourselves, and not caving in to a bunch of rabbis. The justification for Jews not being allowed up there is that it is the holiest of Jewish places and our presence there would be a profanity. Like having a mosque there isn't? Again, it goes right back to my contention that Judaism is about personal choice, not rabbincal rule.
My thing against the rabbis might well be interpreted as making me anti religious, and therefore, open the way to the argument that if I'm so against rabbincal interference, how can I justify our right to be here. Not so. It actually strengthens my argument. The Bible itself gives us the right to be here, and it also makes it crystal clear to me that each and every one of us is responsible to ourselves and G-d(no middle men or arbitrators) for how we live our lives, those of us who come to things independent of rabbis, as well as those who won't do a thing without their rebbe's blessing. G-d gave us this land thousands of years ago, and by our own actions we managed to get ourselves kicked out twice and are heading straight for a third dispersion. We will have earned it, if we don't take a time out and do some soul searching, and stop playing into the hands of our enemies, which leads me right back to Glick's article.
I'm still holding on to the ridiculous hope that Sharon's evacuation of Gaza won't happen. It's just too insane in light of Abu Mazzen's invitation to the Syrian based terror groups to move their operations to Gaza once we are gone. The misconception that he wants reform and peace is going to cost not only us, but the whole world dearly. It might be easier to just hand over the keys and leave, but, of course, there's no place to go. We are unwanted everywhere, so, I guess all I can do is hold and pray and write about it. (not that any one takes any mind of my blatherings)


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