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Thursday, April 7


It infuriates and saddens me that we are so anxious to be a part of the Western culture at all cost that we are happily appropriating Western Cultural icons as our own. Way back in the Dark Ages, when I was growing up, a Jew would never ever send flowers to a Jewish funeral. We have our own traditions for mourning, traditions that focus more on life than death. We also did not cross our fingers, hearts, or anything else as those are direct references to the cross. The same cross that is referred to in the expression "knock on wood" which we also never used. Israelis have no such qualms, as evidenced by the widespread use of funeral wreaths even by government officials. The latest thing I've noticed is that many cars sport stickers on rear windscreens that say "no fear" I've been wondering if that is yet another adaption of the Catholic Pope's Fear Not. When I first saw them I thought is was just the Israeli driver's way of thumbing his nose at the statistics that say he is 300 times more likely to die in a car crash than any other way. Now, I think it might be yet another Christian thing we have adopted, and I bet that not one of the idiots who have on their cars know why or where it came from. I get absolutely furious when I hear "We'll keep our fingers crossed that Maccabi wins" from sportscasters on TV. By our thoughtless use of what have become secular expressions the world over, we are losing the uniqueness that gives the right to be here. I am NOT saying that we should all become Ultra Orthodox, but I DO wish we would give things more thought before mindlessly taking on things that are so not ours. And yes, I do often mention it to repeat offenders, complete with explanation. Just like I correct anyone who mispronounces my town's name in my presence....including Ariel Sharon, who has been corrected twice that I can remember. Minor irritations in the great scheme of things, but that's how the big things happen, or in the Hebrew-All because of a small nail.הכל בגלל מסמר קטן


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