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Saturday, April 9


I would have expected such behavior from third graders, but not even from them at a funeral, never mind the Pope's. Our purely ceremonial (and useless) President Katzav was almost, but not quite the better behaved of those involved. Ok, so he shook hands with Assad the son and with Khatami of Iran, where Katzav was born. So far so good and only to be expected. The problems arose from Katzav's childish hurry to put out an official press announcement on the hand shakes. This rush to tell all resulted in a denial by Assad's handlers and a very angry Sharon. What Sharon had to be angry about, I do not know. Katzav was in a position where to not shake hands would have been rude, not to mention surly. We are talking about three grown men at the Pope's funeral, one of whom had to run and tell the world. He really should have known that the smart thing to do was tell Sharon, then, decide whether or not to tell. It's too bad no pictures of the moment have been released. Assad has turned it into an infantile case of "It never happened" Now go prove it did. Ah, both Assad and Khatami are now denying it happened. How stupid, and disrespectful of the Pope. After all, this Pope was more open to Jews and Muslims than any other. So what if they shook hands with Katzav? This Pope was the first ever to go to a mosque and a Synagogue. Come on, children. Act your ages, and if you can't, stay home. Some people just can't be taken out in public.
On a local note: the idiot editor and intrepid reporter of local gossip rag infamy, did it again. In trying to prove how smart and with it they are (not) they put a caption under a picture of an overturned Hummer that said Under the Hammer........Hebrew is written without vowels, so Hummer and hammer are actually spelled the same. The problem is that Hebrew word for hammer is patish, and they used patish. I am going to have so much fun with that next week in town. In trying to show how smart they are, they proved the exact opposite! It's sad to watch that paper get more unreadable every week. It used to be THE PAPER, but, the other one is adding a page or two every week, which says it all.


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