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Wednesday, April 27


I guess it really is true that in order to live here, a reasonable level of insanity is a requirement. Ok, so Mubarek didn't bring Putin here for Ezer Weitzman's funeral, but then, our ever so thorough news coverage didn't bother mentioning anyone coming from Away. And Putin *is* arriving here today AND the reporters have already told us what will be said between him and Sharon. I guess I won't have to watch the news to see what actually happened. I already know! And that preknowlege has me rolling around in hysterical laughter. Putin is going to invite us and the so called Palestinians to hold peace talks under his (Putin's) auspices in Russia! Pardon me while I split a gut. Now there's a country with experience in peaceful endeavors! Yup! Right! On the other hand, it does make a lunatic kind of sense, like everything else here. It still infuriates me that Sharon is going to get away with his withdrawal from Gaza under fire yet. He is blind to the fact that Barak's heroic scarper out of Lebanon under fire is exactly what brought the terror into the very heart of the country, and that capitulation is just going to give the terrorists renewed hope that if they keep blowing us up, eventually we will unconditionally withdraw from the whole country. All of a sudden I'm not laughing any more. The worst part is that we deserve it. Israel is nominally a democracy, sort of, one that is rotten from the top and which has an electorate that just never learns. We keep on accepting the same old crap and do absolutely nothing to change it. We whine and moan and groan, but that's it. We accept it as our lot and will pay dearly for it unless a miracle happens. The spoiled, selfcentered people of this country wouldn't know a democracy if it walked up to them and introduced itself. The evility trickles down to all of us from the top. We want what we want when we want it-NOW and the hell with anything that looks like it might get in our way. I'm too tired and angry to be coherent now, so, I'll leave it and get back to it another day.
Last night while watching the news I realized something about armies and how their soldiers march. The less democratic the country, the closer to goosestepping their soldiers march. Syria's army was leaving Lebanon with an almost goosestep stiff legged march. I've noticed that about a few other totalitarian countries armies as well. Saddams thugs marched that way too, as do the so called Palestinian *police* Maybe more attention should be paid to military marching? Hum, something to think about?


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