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Sunday, April 17


I am speechless at the audacity of the so called Palestinians, and I don't understand why; after all it'd their SOP, and I know they won't be satisfied until we are gone. There was a demonstration there today demanding that we release ALL the so called Palestinians from our jails. They're probably going to give the homes and business we are leaving in Gaza to them, so the leadership that will be moving there from Damascus will have an experienced, ready made cadre. Is it possible that the rest of the world just doesn't get it, or, is it that they want us gone forever because their lives just aren't as comfortable with us as they think they'd be without us? Of course we, ourselves, are doing a great job of digging our own graves. Removing our settlers from Gaza is utter insanity, and in direct opposition to any meaning of peace I've ever encountered. At the very least, the so called Palestinians should trade the *Triangle* including Wadi Ara for Gaza. The major problem with that is that the people who live there would much rather be part of the Zionist entity and can claim to their so called Palestinian 'brothers' that they can work to get rid of us from the inside. The problem with that is that, while they might want us gone, they do not want the PA running things.
Abu Mazzen is not exactly going out of his way to disguise the fact that he is no more than Arafart's left over right hand. While simultaneously claiming that we are in violation of everything they think of, they themselves do absolutely nothing they previously agreed to, and demand that we do and give more while they just sit and wait to get as much as they can so they can go right back to full scale terror attacks, and so get rid of us. Polls show that the every day so called Palestinian is sick and tired of the violence and is beginning to realize how much it has cost them not just in terms of life and property, but in terms of health, welfare, and prosperity. Some of them have even noticed how well their 'brothers' have it here and are starting to figure it out. Corruption may be rampant here, but they have taken it to new levels in the PA, and their people are figuring it out. I'm still hoping against hope that the withdrawal won't happen, and as usual, Caroline Glick said it better than I ever could.


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