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Wednesday, June 15


I've been asked more than once what gives me the right to criticize our government. A comment to the effect that if things are so bad here, why don't I just pack up and go back to the States?
Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. Israel is home to me, and I love it in spite of the warts and other crap. I strongly believe that in order to fix things that are wrong, you must first define them, then look for solutions. Granted, I do my fair share, and possibly more of winging, but I am also looking for answers and want/hope to be part of changes for the better here. I *do* understand that there is nothing coming close to a consensus on what is wrong here, never mind how to fix it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit on my hands patiently waiting for universal agreement. One of our major problems is the "It will be alright" syndrome. People here just don't realize that in order to change things and make them better, it's not enough to wait for someone else to fix it. You have to be actively involved.
One of my favorite commentators said something to effect that we can not dismiss corruption at the top and take no responsibility for it ourselves. We elected them and keep on electing them knowing who and what they are. We really can't duck the issue by pointing to those higher up on ladder. It's as much our fault as it is theirs because we put them there and we and only we can change it. I end up saying that nonstop at election time, as well as in between. It just might be time to get more vocal and take another 1992 style shot at things. I wonder if the new paper would let me write a column. On the basis of 'charity' starts at home, I think I'll write up a piece on local issues and send it to the paper. Worst case-they circular file it.


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