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Thursday, June 2


Oops-e-daisy! The EU referendum of the proposed constitution has been thumbs downed by France and the Netherlands. If it weren't so pathetic it would be uproariously funny. Trying to get so many countries to agree to a single constitution to unite so many countries into one union is about the dumbest thing I ever heard of. The United States did it almost 230 years ago, but only had 13 original states that had to ratify the U.S. constitution, over which the writers had many a fine verbal battle. That meant that the 37 states that joined the Union over the years had a ready made document to ratify, and one would assume that if things got as far as a ratification vote in the joining states, it was almost a given.
This whole EU thing seems to me to be the Europeans trying to copy the US 230 years late. It's a bit ironic that what they are trying to do is put together a solid block to function as a united body, much as the US is. If they want to do that, it might be a good idea to come up with a treaty/constitution that limits the EU's power and gives more autonomy to the individual countries, much as the US constitution is set up to do. The fact that the US Federal Government has usurped many of the States powers in direct violation of the constitution is beside the point. I would recommend the Europeans safe guard against that. I wonder when the Asians will get around to trying to do the same thing. If they ever do, it won't be long before someone gets the bright idea (not) of using the United Nations as a framework for a World Wide Governing Body. The mind boggles. Best get rid of the UN as it is today ASAP. That is one place even more corrupt than our government and the PA together. Now, *THAT'S* corrupt.

We released 400 P.A. prisoners today. It was kind of interesting to note that no Israeli prisoners were released from P.A. prisons. Could the reason for that be that there are none of ours there? Is it possible that they have no Israeli terrorists in their jails for the simple reason that there are no Israeli suicide bombers? Sure, we had Baruch Goldstein and Ami Popper and a few others, but Goldstein got killed during his rampage and WE put Popper in jail ourselves, just like we have anyone else caught so much as thinking about trying a few terror tactics on the P.A. Think about that for a bit.


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