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Wednesday, May 18


I first realized this some 30 years ago, but, it got hidden in the back of my mind until it jumped out yesterday. The world hates us, the Jews? Ok, fine. They want us out of their precious countries? Ok, fine. Send 'em all to Israel, we'll be happy to take them, and I bet our fearless leaders would be more than happy to sign an binding agreement that we will never ever try to take over the world or interfere in any way. Of course, if they want to keep us quarantined where they can keep an eye on us, they'll have to call off the Arabs, who not only don't want us here, they don't want us anywhere on earth. Of course the downside to this is that they won't be able to blame the ills of the world on us anymore, but that surely is a small price to pay for getting all of us out of their hair? There might also be a bit of a problem with space for all the new immigrants, but I'm sure a solution to that can be found. Excuse me, but I have to go pry my tongue out of my cheek and I'm not sure where the crowbar is!


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