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Monday, May 16


He's really going to do it and not even G-d can stop him, or so it seems right now. The whole thing is just too insane. Have we really come this far only to destroy everything we've built over the last 100 or so years by ourselves? Was it all in vain? Are we really that stupid? I guess we are, and that we deserve to be the generation to be remembered as the one that brought disaster on our people, all by ourselves. There *are* one or two voices of sanity in the wilderness that is modern Israel;Uzi Landau and Palmach Zeevi, and a few others. My major beef with the so called Palestinians is that they want it ALL and have done absolutely nothing except kill us to get it. Where is their infrastructure? Their school system only knows how to teach hatred of us as witnessed by their children's TV programming on their " National Day of Mourning" which is that same day as our Independence day. They are still preaching hatred of us in their media, and we are supposed to accept that and give them everything they want. They've been here long enough to have built up a decent school, health, and welfare system, not to mention democracy, but they preferred to listen to the power brokers in Syria, Iraq, Iran and the old PLO leadership, rather than plan ahead for the good of their people. It's sad, but sorry, I have no more sympathy for them. Instead of building something positive they put all their energy into destroying us. I *do* think that we possibly could have more to help them get on the right road to prosperity when we had direct control of the so called territories, before the PLO lot was allowed to come from Tunis. Just one of many missed opportunities. Arafart and his crowd should never have been allowed to come here. There are not a few so called Palestinians who remember that things were better before the terrorist thugs came back and instituted their corrupt regime. They won't say it out loud these days-it's too dangerous, but, in spite of our presence, they had free local elections. Does no one else find it odd that most of those elected back then were killed for collaborating with the Zionist Entity? Economically they were better off, then, the first intifada happened and things got bad for them. Gee? Wasn't there anyone there with the guts to do something about it? Obviously not. So, they have no one to blame but themselves for their situation. It's too bad that no one there stood up and said "We don't the thugs from Tunis, we want to elect leaders from within"
If they want to think that they accomplished something through terror, that's just fine. We know how much more could have been done if they'd chosen a different road. Maybe they'll figure it out one day, but, they'll never admit it.
It's just too sick to pull out of Gaza and turn the whole thing over to them for the families of suicide bombers and terror organizations from Syria and other places. Abu Mazzen already invited them but he's keeping a low profile on the proposed use of the abandoned homes and businesses. I just hope the evacuees find a way to destroy their homes in time. It's just too much and my Mind has gone into melt down. It's time go do some more thinking on my religion project. That's coming along nicely and should be in shape to write about here in a couple more weeks. It's a much more positive thing to ponder than the Sharon disaster.


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