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Sunday, May 8


It's too much, way too much, and I don't know why we are expected to lie down and give in to something that is just plain wrong. Read the following and *then* you tell me if I'm paranoid or just plain nuts.

In the late 1800s-early 1900s Jewish pioneers started coming to Palestine with an eye towards building a Jewish homeland.
Land was bought for the purpose at full price from absentee landlords with money saved by Jews all over the world who turned it over to The Jewish National Fund for that express purpose. There were very few indigenous Arabs here at that time, though Arabs from 'away' started to arrive in order to take advantage of jobs the Jews could offer them. The Jewish settlers not only built communities on land purchased for them, they set up organizations that one day would be useful as a skeleton government for the fledgling state. The Histadrut served multiple purposes as union, health insurer, bank, and founded many of today's large businesses which were also employers. The largest building companies were once owned by the Histadrut as were many other large firms that have since been privatized. They also started school systems, and had a self governing committee that in 1948 became the first provisional government of the State of Israel. During all this time the Arabs did nothing, I repeat NOTHING for themselves except run crying to the Brits and before them to the Turks that there were too many Jews here and we were buying up all their land. Land that was sold for hard cash by absentee landowners. To this day they (the Arabs) have not done one single thing to prepare themselves for independence except to try to get to get rid of us with the help of the self same oppressors (landlords) who sold us the land right out from under indigenous villagers at times. They did not organize anything other than terror groups- no schools, no institutions to take over self government functions, no health insurance schemes, no industry, in short, they did nothing to put themselves in a position to be able to take over and run things for themselves. And NOW we should leave Gaza and give them what we have built so it can be turned over to the families of suicide bombers? I don't think so. We earned the right to be here by wresting the land from a condition of barrenness to fields, towns, cities, and prosperity. What have they done except try to get rid of us any way they can so they can just walk in and take over what we have built? Not a damn thing is what. Not that what we have done is perfect, far from it, and the next person who says we are a democracy in my hearing is likely to get hit upside the head, but we have built a functioning, relatively prosperous, viable, somewhat, almost, sort of democratic, state through our own vision and hard work. It still needs a lot of work and many tweaks, but they can't have it. When will the world wake up? Ah, hell. Go read Caroline Glick at TownHall.com she says it better. And I'm getting tired of railing at the wind.


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