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Wednesday, May 25


Our government is doing and excellent job of keeping me constantly infuriated. It's a never ending litany of insanity.
*They* are going ahead with the withdrawal from Gaza no matter what. That no matter what includes not having any place to put the victims-no housing ready-no alternative jobs-nothing. All those poor people, who sacrificed so much for us at previous governments behest only know that they are going to be removed from their homes(that are most likely going to be taken over by the family's of suicide bombers and terrorist chiefs due to arrive from Syria and other places courtesy of Abu Mazzen) and sent to live no one knows where. Where are their kids going to go to school? Where are they going to live? Work? What about the cemeteries? This is so typical of the Israeli attitude "it will be ok ("יהיה בסדר") when it obviously won't be farce that is our government gets more insane by the hour.
They commissioned a report on the education system that the only thing anyone involved agrees on is that there are major problems as things are now. They can't agree on what the problems are, never mind how to solve them. The Powers That Be accepted the Dovrat Report and the education minister is trying to move ahead with it but the teacher's union refuses to even discuss it. They know as well if not better than anyone that education stinks in the country and probably know as well as anyone what to do about it, but were there any educators on the Dovrat Commission? Of course not. There were just a bunch of economic/financial whizzes who came up with the bottom line style solution. So now both sides have dug in their heels and things are really ugly. The union is screaming for the minister's head because she managed to squeeze some money out of the finance minister to implement the Dovrat plan and the union is yelling that she kept it a secret from them in order to use it as leverage. Yeah, well, gee whiz, and this from the self same people who out of hand dismissed and refused to even discuss Dovrat. Of course that's just politics as usual and the lot in power now learned all these neat political tricks from the very people screaming about their own tactics being used against them!
Then there are the so called Palestinians who spent the last week or so shooting rockets at the Gaza settlements. About that we were treated to assorted excuses, among them that they were shooting because of internal Palestinian differences. Right, they are in disagreement among themselves so they shoot at us. Yup, makes perfect sense! Some of the comments coming from Hamas make me wonder if maybe they should take over from the Tunisia thugs. The same bunch of terrorists who got themselves kicked out of Jordan, only to wreak havoc in Lebanon from where they banished to Tunis only to be brought here to be hailed as the so called Palestinian great hope and promptly proceed to create a system of corruption and regressive depression to rival that of Saddamn with the world's blessing. Oh, the poor so called Palestinians, occupied as a result of a war started by their brethren, who under that occupation enjoyed unprecedented economic progress only to have it all turn into a nightmare by their newly imported leadership. That was the big mistake. Instead of insisting on a leadership from the locals we allowed the terrorists to come in and do as they pleased. Of course no one talks about it any more because it's too late. The corruption and hate keep pouring out and the poor people just don't know who or what to believe. I have little doubt that they, the people are sick and tired of a steady diet of terror and would gladly trade it for prosperity and peace even it means accepting the Zionist Entity as a neighbor. I almost feel sorry for them, as they have been lied to, stolen from and repressed by the very leaders they hoped would bring them independence and prosperity, but gave them the opposite. If the Yanks and Europeans would just get over themselves and take a good hard objective look at what's going on and let the so called Palestinians decide for themselves what they want, some progress just might be made in a positive direction. The terror and incitement must stop, as well as the corruption that is the P.A. Ok, I'll give the soapbox a rest and come back to it later. Of course there's more!


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