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Saturday, June 11


I really truly intended to post here more often. In fact, just this past week I promised myself to pick a topic every day and post a few on that topic. Of course insane things (my life) diverted me. There's also the fact that I am weary of the crap going on here. Same old same old day after day. On the other hand, now that I've made up with Danny and Orna and rejoined the Sprinzak Parliament which meets every evening in Danny and Orna's yard and is made up of Danny, Orna, Shimon (Danny's brother) Yechiya (our beloved neighbor and electrician of choice) Albert, (neighbor) Lillian, (Albert's wife) Natan [(Danny's cousin or uncle) I get confused] and yours truly, and anyone else who happens by and has an opinion to offer, (we are nothing if not open to all) I just might start choosing the previous night's topic and expound on it here. We are all pretty my right of center and agree that things are going to hell in a hand basket here. Thursday's subject by default was kids and why they behave more like hooligans by the day. The quints across the path have been harassing me since I moved in and I try my best to ignore them. They have recently taken to yelling at me when I go out with Peg that I am a witch and fat. Yeah, but I already know these things, I don't need the neighborhood genetic accidents to remind me every time I go out. I'd been waiting for a chance to have a word with the mother, but I just never caught her at a good time. This is a supposedly religious family, which would usually mean that the kids are quiet and well mannered. Not this lot! On Thursday, Mamma heard them yelling and screaming at me as I rolled towards the parliament meeting and came out to drag the sorry parade to apologize to me. I told her in no uncertain terms that I detest kids and only want to be left alone and ignored as I ignore them. She agreed and with any luck they will knock off the obnoxious behavior.
The incident sparked off a long discussion of why kids are so out of control these days. There are junior high aged kids in school yards with knives, and group rapes in the news daily, and everyone is walking around shaking their heads and wondering what to do. The root of the problem is that parents don't have either the time or inclination to properly supervise their kids. It's too much work and interferes with their own free time, so kids do what they see on TV. There's also the fact that corpoal punishment at home and school is against the law and the kids know it. Add to that mix the Israeli parent's attitude that their kid is always right and you have a recipe for mayhem. Yes, it really is that simple. Parents are afraid to discipline their kids and teacher are not allowed to. Israeli parents expect the education system to do not only do their jobs, but to teach them everything they need to know, in such a way that the kids don't have to put any effort into learning. And people wonder what's wrong with the country. There you have it in a nut shell.
Add the rampant corruption at all levels of government to the mix and it all becomes clear.
The next session of Parliament is tonight, and I have every expectation to have some new subject for tomorrow's rant.


  • At 3:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    when you mention orna and dan, do you mean orna young and dan hay? pls let me know
    gail wainer


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