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Saturday, July 16


Abu Mazzen is trying to take back control of Gaza in an attempt to stop the Hamas from shooting kassam rockets at our settlements before the withdrawal. He's not having any noticeable success. It's obvious that all he wants is to consolidate his hold on the PA and get us out with as little trouble as possible. He can denounce terror as much as he wants, but, I don't buy it. Nor should anyone else. He's one of the old guard committed to destroying us one way or another. It was a colossal mistake to bring the Tunisian gang back after they'd been kicked out of every other place they were exiled to rather than insisting that the so called Palestinians who stayed put and were getting along with us just fine, be allowed to elect their own leadership from within. There is little to no doubt in my mind that had that happened, the so called Palestinians would have had their own State long ago and we would be getting along just fine and all the terror would never have been. It infuriates me that absolutely no one talks about this. It's a mistake we have to recognize and try to rectify. I'm not sure it can be fixed at this point. The terror gang is too well entrenched and even after the old guard dies off, the younger ones are poised to take over and continue. Things will not change unless the general population in the PA wakes up and kicks them out and demands the chance to run things *their* way and not the *Tunisian* terrorist way. Not much chance of that happening though. Things could have so different if only our government had not made that one unrectifiable mistake. Boy oh boy , was it a doozy!


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