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Monday, July 11


In waiting to post my thoughts on the attack in London, Carolyn Glick beat me to again. You can read it here.
To say that I was horrified to see the carnage on Sky News would be putting it mildly. But hearing the running commenrary by the Sky reporters was almost as bad. Like maybe there was any doubt that it was a terror attack? I remember feeling the same disbelief even after the second plane hit the WTC and some Fox reporters were still in doubt. Of course it might just have been disbelief caused by the shock of it all, but after 9/11 and Madrid, there really couldn't be any doubt. Come on people. Then to hear Blair say that the solution to this kind of terror is an Israeli Palestinian peace agreement just about sent me round the bend. Is he not listening? The so called Palestinian idea of peace is no Israel and no Jews. Those jihadists have stated over and over that their goal is to make the whole world an Islamic empire and stamp out infidel democracy. The time to start listening to what they say is well past.
If the Spaniards think they are safe because they pulled out of the Iraq coalition, they can just wait until the jihadists decide it's time to terrorize them into doing things their way. It's not far off.
I suppose the French and Germans are congratulating themselves for being against the War on Terror as they haven't had an attack yet, but, they will, make no mistake in thinking their day won't come. They will soon be called on to appease their radical muslim population and if they don't do it quickly enough and to their complete satisfaction-BOOM.
There does seem to be a bit of sense being shown by the citizens of France and Holland who rejected the EU "constitution" which would have been a good vehicle for expanding the jihadist agenda in the long run by diluting the various countrie's ability to act independently on just about any issue affecting them.
Our news lot are too infuriating for words. Some of them are taking the Brits to task for not having as efficient an emergency response as we have. Few bodies have been identified and they actually seem to think that one agency or another will be able to find the perpetrators. Don't count on it. They are long gone, and even if you buy into the theory that it was the European branch of Al Quaeda, and that there's a chance the actual people who people who planted the bombs might be found, there's still the larger organiztion which is busily planning an encore. Those fantics want it all their way and won't stop until they either win or are wiped out. It's just that simple.


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