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Wednesday, July 13


How not surprising that a terrorist blew himself up along with a bunch of innocent people on a crosswalk near the mall in Netanya yesterday. At least this time the group claiming responsibility had a new reason. He blew himself up in protest over the security wall that we are dragging our feet building. It had nothing to do with the Maccabia Games-aka- the Jewish Olympics. Yeah, right. Wanna buy a bridge? The wall bothers them because the purpose of the wall is to keep them and their bombs out. With any luck, this 'brave act of martyrdom' will give the Jerusalem jerks a push in the right direction.
I found it a bit ironic that this attack created even more disabled people who will be excluded from attending the games as all of us were this year. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that disabled folks wanting to attend the games would not be able to. No reason, just no access. I'm amazed that the various delegations didn't put a stop to that by refusing tp participate until us crips were allowed in. I wonder if they also banned the disabled delegates from the bridge collapse? I think I'll check it the gimp forum later. It also surprised me that the head crips didn't call for a demonstration outside the stadium. You betcha I would have hopped a bus and gone.
After days of hemming and hawing and saying that the London attack was not the work of suicide bombers, the Brits have now discovered that it was indeed their handiwork. It should come as no surprise that the PC police are carefully picking their way through a linguistic minefield to not use the words Islamic terrorists so as not to cause a backlash against the Muslim white hats. I'll also bet that yesterday's attack here strengthened Blair's idea that the solution to Muslim terrorists in Britain is peace here in Israel and that if the ragheads say the wall is an impediment to peace, we have to pull it down and let the ragheads blow us up at will. Somehow I miss the logic here. Give in to terror in one place and watch it blossom and grow world wide.
there was a bit of excitement on the northern border yesterday, but not in our area. The west got it, but no one was hurt. Nassralla wants to keep the border on a slow boil.
Our talking heads say it's internal Lebanese politics, but, again, as with most things here, I can't quite find the logic. The theory goes that the Hizzies want to prove to the Lebanese that are needed as an armed militia to keep us in line. Huhn? If keeping the border area simmering and generally causing trouble is what they think is a good way to show how and why they should no have to turn in their weapons and become a political only party, then, I miss the logic. If this were to happen in any other part of the world, they would have proven the exact opposite-why they should be disarmed. My head is aching. Nothing makes sense over here, or anywhere else.


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