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Sunday, August 14


I think I'm beginning to understand why things are so fouled up here these days, and I have the weekend with Bat Chen to thank for the insight. She's young and has very little interest in current events, rarely watches the news. We got into it over the withdrawal and when I tried to tell her that Israel can not be considered an occupier for the simple reason that we did not instigate the war that left us with Gaza and the West Bank, rather, we ended up with them for the simple reason that Egypt, Syria, and Jordan attacked us and at the end of that conflict we were left with those areas and no matter what we offered short of dismantling Israel, Egypt and Jordan refused to take them back. She is also too young to remember that under our *rule* they ran their own lives, elected local officials, came and went with little trouble, worked here, and we shopped and visited there with no fear. Then, we made the biggest mistake possible. We agreed to let the Thugs from Tunis come here to be their legitimate leaders, rather than insisting that they be allowed to elect their own leader from the locals. It's our own fault the Tunis Thuds got here and started Intifadas 1 and 2 against us and wiped out any chance of coexistence between us. It is so true that memory is short about things like. The Intifadas have pretty much wiped out our collective memories of the time when things were more or less ok in those areas. The major problem was that noone wanted the West Bank and Gaza. What did they know that we didn't? They knew that if they could the Tunisian Thugs in as leaders, it would lead to the end of Israel. They were right and we not only allowed it, we encouraged it. Now we are paying for it, with the big last payment not far off. Some mistakes just can't be corrected, and this is one. Very few people remember, much less, talk about it. The brainwashing worked for the most part.
Bat Chen doesn't remember when we could shop and visit in the West Bank and brings the fear of terror with to the Israeli Arab areas which for the most part are as safe as can be. She was scared still when we had to stop a few meters from an Israeli Arab village, and was concerned enough about Cfar Yasif to even ask Aadel if it was safe for us to go there. She said that my reassurances are meaningless because I live in Kiryat Shemonah in direct defiance of the Hezbollah, so have no appreciation of her fears. The look on Aadel's face was priceless. Mine must have been too. She is completely clueless when it comes to current affairs, never mind local geography. Even Aadel got a lesson in local geography. He made a comment about Arab villages up here and I had to tell him that there are very few and named the closest. Yes, he was suitably impressed with my knowledge! At least we didn't get into the issues themselves. It's just that Bat Chen is an extreme example of the rest of the country. I just hope my lesson sticks. From past experience with her, she'll be quoting me verbatim within 2 days, and taking full credit. That's just fine with me. We both know where she got it. I just wish our *fearful leaders* would remember, and at least try to stop the run away train that is the withdrawal.
Netanyahu resigned from the Finance Ministry, and is doing all he can to turn things around, but even *he* is missing the point and not addressing the source of the problem. I might have to have a chat with him. Israelis need some remedial modern history lessons before things can have any hope of being fixed. So do the so called Palestinians who sold their future prosperity to a bunch of thugs who driven them into abject poverty and turned their children into suicide bombers and who feed them a steady of hatred, and taken away everything they had under our occupation. The elders who do remember it are too scared of the thugs to even think about it and the youngsters who don't remember it have been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe that we were evil occupiers, and those folks will never gut out from under those teachings. It's tragic that there's no way we can wait for the Thugs to die off naturally because the damage has been done and the next few generations will be brought up to believe what they have been taught, and the ones who remember will die and the truth will die with them, and those of us who do remember aren't allowed to and of course to the so called Palestinians we are satanic liars.
It hurts to live here during the period that will one day be known as the beginning of the end.


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