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Wednesday, July 20


Imagine me speechless. Kinda hard, right? Well, it happened yesterday as I watched the news and realized just how insane our fearful leaders are. They are even more wacko than nuts behind the Waco Texas fiasco. Protesters against the withdrawal have been surrounded by the army and police in a village down south not far from the Strip. This to prevent them from marching to Gaza, and organizing there to thwart the withdrawal. Busses were stopped as far away as Kiryat Shemonah to prevent protesters from joining the main group at Netivot. Too bad I didn't know there was a bus leaving town for it. Had I known, I would have been on it. This is too insane for words. Every year at this time there is a celebration of the Babba Sali's life in Netivot where he's buried. This year it coincided with the withdrawal and it was planned that after the celebration, a march to Gaza would be held. The Powers That Be shipped every available cop and soldier south and they all linked arms and blocked the march. At some point they let them through and they all went into a village called Cfar Maimon where the cops and all locked them in and are refusing to let them out until they agree to be escorted (ESCORTED) home. It seems to me that there is something not quite right about this happening an a country that calls itself a democracy. Of course while this insanity is going on, the criminals are having a field day as there are no cops available to arrest them. They are all busy preventing the crime of protest by people who don't want to be forced from their homes by a lie. Of course these are the same people who wanted a referendum on the withdrawal, and who agreed to abide by it's results, as Sharon agreed to abide by the results of the vote in the Likud Central Committee, but didn't! That would be the very same Sharon who campaigned against this very plan but changed his mind no sooner than he won reelection and is now demonizing the people who were foolish enough to believe him and vote for him. And he dares call them the criminals in this. My head aches just thinking about it. Of course the media is doing it's best to help the bad guys by reporting that all the cops are out putting down the Jewish insurgents and thusly encouraging the crime wave, not to mention aiding and abetting the Hezbolla by telling them the army is spread thin up here. I'm expecting katyushas any time now. It's just too much.


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