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Tuesday, December 20


The Likud actually had the good sense to elect Natanyahu chairman. The very thought of Silvan Shalom being elected was making me physically ill. I enjoyed watching the special broadcast after the polls closed. Sharon's people were so transparent in their attempts to color the Likud as far right and almost reactionary right that I couldn't help but grin through it. If they weren't such a bunch of corrupt liars, it might work. But they ARE a bunch of corrupt liars and it seems that people are realizing it. Sharon is the worst of the lot. All Bibi has to do is show Sharon's flip flops and let Sharon's record speak for itself. He totally ignored party decisions and did as he pleased, blatantly flaunting any semblance of democracy. His new party, Sleaze United doesn't even have appearance of democracy-it's run by him and he doesn't even have plans for any kind of primary to put his list for Knesset together. For every election promise he makes it will be child's play to show what his word is worth; -0. It was truly funny to channel surf and watch all the SU spin artists say the same thing again and again. Granted, the Israeli public has proven itself time after time to be stupid and to fall for the worst of the lot, but I think that maybe this time it won't work. Sharon and his corrupt band of thugs are just too transparent and have already overreached themselves.
It was also interesting to watch the reactions of the so called Palestinians to Sharon's stroke. They were celebrating his imminent demise in the streets.

Speaking of Sharon's stroke, I would like to point out, from personal experience, that even though he came through it without any trouble, there are some very scary psychological aspects that his people are doing their best to minimize. Been there, done that. Even without lasting physical side effects, things change. I was a complete nut case for a year after my stroke, and my physical problems were not stroke related, I just couldn't think straight. Everything was overshadowed by that close call. I had mine when I was 48, Sharon had his at 77, an age when he can not help but be thinking of his mortality unless he really does have delusions of immortality from watching Highlander reruns. Believe me, no matter what his people say, the man can not be trusted to lead his party, never mind the country. The talking heads trotted out just about everyone in the country who had a stroke and survived, to talk about the effects, but not one of them went into the psychological aspects.
I ran into Eli Zafrani(Bibi's man up here) yesterday and told him that. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if I get a call from them asking for my take on it. They'll get it with pleasure. Sharon is more dangerous than ever and surviving the stroke might have made him more megalomanic than ever. He should be a posted hazard.


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