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Monday, December 19


I'm not as bitter as I might be about the stroke I had in 1998. I tend to look at it as just another hurdle in the adventure that is life. Most of the time, that is. Then along comes Ariel Sharon who has a minor stroke but is lucky enough to have it diagnosed in time for no permanent damage to done. That's when I get pissed off at the quack who missed mine by a country mile. Just another game at the craps table of life that I lost, and what ifs are useless. I have to deal with it.
So Sharon had a stroke on the eve of elections. I can only hope that Israelis, in their medical ignorance will decide to send him home in March. Not that the alternatives are all that great. Whiskers (Amir Peretz) just isn't up to it, and if the Likud runs Silvan Shalom I might just have another stroke/heart attack at the thought of his wife in the PM's bed. That obviously leaves me rooting for Bibi Netanyahu who is actually capable of doing the job. Whiskers and SS are talking 'help the poor' while Sharon is stirring the terror kettle. I really don't want a guy who just had a stroke doing that. It's just too dangerous and transparent. The only person capable of turning the so called Palestinian lies back on them is Netanyahu. They are doing an amazingly good job of telling lies often enough to convince the whole world that what they say is true. It just isn't. If you don't believe me, go read what Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) had to say about this patch of earth when he was here. It's just this simple. There were very few Arabs here until Jewish pioneers started arriving from Russia and created jobs for them. They moved here from all over the Arab world to take advantage of opportunities we made for them and now they want it all for themselves. That's fact, historical fact, not spin. It's gotten so bad that even we have forgotten that. It's about time we remember it before it's too late, if it isn't already. We've allowed them to turn us into our own worst enemy and have us believing that we are the bad guys here, that we occupied the West Bank and Gaza for no reason other than to occupy them. We didn't start the Six Day War. We just won it and found ourselves saddle with the territories. The fact that we messed up big time then is our own fault. Had we been a little smarter and a bit less arrogant, things would be very different today. We weren't and here we are today, in deep trouble. Repeating a lie endlessly doesn't make it the truth.


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