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Thursday, December 15


Sharon, Mofaz and the United Sleaze must be stopped. Unfortunately they are still in office and have every chance of staying there even after the elections. It's almost a given because they are in a position to manipulate things in such a way to convince voters to reelect them.
When Sharon pulled us out of Gaza he promised heavy retaliation for every mortar rocket shot at us. What he didn't tell anyone, much less the public, was that he had every intention of provoking them to shoot at us by continuing to take out top terrorists. As far as I'm concerned, he can flatten the whole place, but the deliberate provocation of attacks is just plain wrong. And to do it right after the young Fatah members who won the primaries in the PA went on a rampage against the old guard (Tunisian Thugs) because the youngsters won the primaries was just plain stupid. We all know that Abu Mazzen isn't going to do jack-shit to disarm the terror factions, but the young 'uns might. Of course they could as easily become as jaded and corrupt as the old timers, but they deserve a chance. By shooting missiles at baddies all Sharon accomplished was to turn attention and anger back towards us, and away from the Tunisian Thugs. The pre election spin will be to point to the killings and tell us that he is protecting Israel. Sorry, but any one who believes a word the man says should check into the nearest mental hospital for a reality check.
I'll save the Iranian insanity for another time.


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