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Friday, January 6


These blogs and the internet are amazingly wonderful. I misspoke(wrote) the most important part of yesterday's post and was called to order by a guy in Texas. It still amazes me that people bother to read my blogs, never mind take the time to comment. Most of the comments here have been spam which I promptly delete, but the Texas guy was spot on. What I was really trying to say, but managed to garble was that Sharon has packed more achievements into his 77 years than almost anyone I can think of, and if it is time for him to go, he can go well satisfied with having accomplished so much more than most of could dream of doing in twice that time. The only explanation I can come up with for having written what wrote is that in comparing the whole thing to The Philmore in my mind lead me to imply about Sharon what so many said to me; "He was 83 and lived a long full life." Yes, he did, but that doesn't mean that we should try to comfort ourselves or others with that platitude. Thinking about it that way isn't right, at least not for Sharon, especially when it can interpreted to mean that I think 77 is long enough. Long enough is however long G-d decides for each of us and maybe we should think about that before writing/saying inane, meaningless things of that nature because we don't know how to express ourselves properly. At this point I'm not sure if I'm getting what I meant to say across, or just making it worse. In spite of all rantings against what Sharon has been doing lately, I never wished him dead, just out of office.
The pundits are asking questions like: "why was Sharon allowed to go to the ranch before the catheterization?" "Why didn't he have a helicopter standing by at the ranch?" and "Why did they let him go to back to work so soon?" No brainers, one and all. He was the P.M. and you can't dictate things like that to him. He wanted to go to the ranch for the same reason I checked out of cardiac ICU AMA. There's no place like home. If he had had a chopper standing by for emergencies those same pundits would have been wailing about special privilege. Maybe he should have taken a 'time out' after the first stroke, but, things just don't work like that here, not this close to an election, they don't.
I just hope the docs and others involved, like his sons don't get caught up in the turn the machines off or not issues, and let him go without a lot of argument, if he can't survive without the machines. He doesn't deserve the indignity of that. When it's time, it's time.


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