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Tuesday, January 3


Poor, poor Sharon. He's going to have a cardiac catheterization on Thursday and the news is full of "will they put him under or just use a local? And will he be able to run things or should he hand his prime ministerial powers to someone else?" I don't think he should be running things now, in any event, but, unfortunately, no one asked me. I am rather enjoying the knowledge that he has a good two months of pain from the catheter insertion site ahead of him. Oh boy. Does that ever hurt, and it stays sore forever.The fact that he will have a purple groin will not, I repeat will not influence me to vote for him. Nothing will. The man is a menace, and has to go. Kassans are still flying and things are super tense up here, not to mention the fact that the settlers he kicked out of Gaza and promised to promptly resettle are still not settled, or even close to it. He turned them into refugees in their own country and the PA is in total chaos, verging on anarchy, and Abu Mazzen is doing nothing to get things on track there. It's a bit nuts that the various armed groups can weak havoc in the PA and shoot kassams at us at the same time. Their so called cease fire is over and they are planning the end of the Zionist entity, while the whole world looks on, just waiting for us to be vaporized, or worse, defend ourselves. They are so shortsighted that they simply can not comprehend that they are detested as much, if not more than we are, and that they are also on the international terror list of things to get rid of. Sharon just isn't up to dealing with any of it, and I don't trust his post CVA cognitive powers at all. We need Netanyahu, not Sharon and his corrupt cronies.


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