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Friday, January 27


I swear, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I heard the results of the elections in the 'so called' Palestinian Authority yesterday and the immediate hysterical reactions to the big Hamas win. Ok, everyone, it's deep breath time. Time to sit back and think for once. What exactly happened there? The Hamas won big time and the Tunisian Thugs were voted out. Why? Was it because the average 'so called' Palestinian really believes the Hamas will get rid of us, OR, because they are sick and tired of the Tunisian Thugs never ending corruption and that they really wanted to get rid of the Tunisian Thugs and give a group they perceive as being strong a chance to get things moving in a better direction? I have a funny feeling that it just might the latter. At least I hope it is. The PA has been in a state of total chaos bordering on anarchy for a long, long time and people really prefer some order in their lives. Abu Mazzen and the rest of the Tunisian Thugs just didn't have the power to clean things up, and stop the terror by disarming the terrorists and getting the PA running for the benefit of the people. If the Hamas wants to get anything done they will have to get the support of the Europeans and Americans. That won't happen until they give up their terrorist ways. Our hysterically vocal leaders would do well to shut up and wait before making far reaching pronouncements that they will eventually have to back down from. Let the Europeans and Americans, who are in no small part responsible for the elections taking place with Hamas participation, sort it, then get on with business. There really is no way the Hamas can function if their international (Western) funding is cut off, and it will be, if they don't get on the same page as their benefactors PDQ. I rather doubt the West will put up with Iran backing them for long and Iranian funding just won't be enough. They need the West to survive.
Abu Ala resigned immediately but Abu Mazzen announced that he's staying in office for now. Other Tunisian Thugs were hard to find after the results were announced. They disappeared and with any luck will stay that way. There has been speculation that Hamas will need to keep some of the Tunisian Thugs on for a while to appease the West and get things started. Abu Mazzen really should have cut and run because he just doesn't have the support to stay and do much of anything. He'd be much safer in just about any other part of the world. Is he brave or stupid? Only time will tell.
So, let's just sit back and wait to see what develops.


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