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Saturday, January 14


I just never seem to learn to do my homework before running my mouth at warp speed. I based my last post on commentary, instead of checking for myself. As it turns out, the Likud did indeed weed out some of the baddies, and I *can* vote for the Likud list as it stands. I just hope they manage to get the right message across. Kadima scares me more than ever now. No one in that party is even close to being able to stand up to the slightest pressure from Europe or the US. It really is going to be between Kadima and Likud. Bibi is going to have to do a whole lot of work on the social/welfare issues and has to turn it all back on Sharon, and Sylvan Shalom. That could be a problem because that jerk Shalom is Bibi's number two, and their economic strategy was actually correct. The fact that it ended up hurting a whole lot of people who didn't deserve it is beside the point. The major thrust was to get the economy healthy again so that those who need it will be able to get more. It worked too. Our economy is doing quite well, and that's thanks to Sharon and Bibi, Shalom had very little to do with it.
Shinui(Change) did. They kicked out the old number two guy and now the whole party is in an uproar. Poraz (# 2) quit and went home to sulk, and several others quit and are threatening to start a new party. Lapid (# 1) is going to make an announcement on Sunday, and all bets are off on that. Shinui was pretty much a closed party run by two people. The new guard is starting to make noises about opening things up to their general public and allowing the party to be run on a more democratic basis. That would be refreshing. I don't much care about Shinui per se, it's just interesting to watch.


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