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Saturday, August 12


It really is the epitome of insanity. The freaking UN has agreed on cease fire terms, which is all good and nice. As far as I'm concerned they can stop shooting at each other right now.
Our government has agreed in principle to the terms, and the Hizzbullies have announced that they defeated the Zionist occupier of Palestine. Their head guy, the one who really does wear a rag on his head seems to have missed the point of the agreement and is acting like he'll be able to get right back to business as usual. I have my doubts. The IDF isn't going anywhere until the real Lebanese army is in place with an international force to back them up and we are going to destroy as much of their infrastructure as we can. I'm willing to bet that in addition their North Vietnamese tunnel network they also have a tunnel to rival the one under the Channel from Syria to where ever.I just hope and pray that our guys find and destroy it (them). There's also UN resolution 1559 that calls for the disarming of all private militias in Lebanon. Do not think for so much as a nanosecond that we'll turn a blind eye yet again to that clause. Ulmert can not get away with that. He's in enough trouble as it is for not doing what had to be done from the beginning, him and his Defense Minister and Chief of Staff. What a mess they made of things. Never mind that the whole thing is actually Barak and Sharon's fault for ignoring the situation up there 6 years. We all knew what was going on right under our and UNIFIL's noses. If only we had done this after the first kidnapping up there, they would not have been able to dig in-literally- and equip themselves to even 1/10th of the level they have achieved.
Now, listen up, all you bleeding heart peace freaks.If you don't want to start learning Arabic and the Koran by heart, and start praying with your butts in the air, you will demand that the Hizzbullies and Iran are dealt with immediately. It really is that simple. We lose=you lose. If you don't believe me, just listen to them.
We over reacted to their provocation. Yeah, right! At least we don't run around doctoring pictures and staging *massacres* We don't use women and children as shields to shoot missiles at anyone. We just sit in shelters for over a month-32 days- and then apologize for accidentally killing the Hizzbullie's human Shields. We also did not make anyone in the line of fire stay there at gun point.
Take it from me, it's not easy to stay in a town that is getting shelled by a bunch of raghead terrorists who want only to do as much damage to as many civilians as it can.
They hit 4 hospitals, 18 education facilities, 1116 apartments and houses, and the list goes on and on. And we're the bad guys!?
Those who supposedly know figure it will take over a year to repair all the damage. At the rate we get things done, it will take a lot longer. The up side is that now that they've pretty much destroyed the special ed school they might just get around to equipping it properly. Don't hold your breath, I said maybe.
Other than our artillery it's been way to quiet today. The last siren was at midnight. Nothing so far today and that is scarier than anything. There's a pool going on when they'll start today. My bet is on around 1500, and that it will be the worst we've had to date. Please G-d, let me be wrong.


  • At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Jeanie said…

    I just wonder what would happen if they came to my home town...I mean the land of the cowboys. Think about it...how many pea shooters do I have? Can you imagine an entire ranch?


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