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Tuesday, August 1


I wish I had a chrystal ball that would tell me what's next, but, as I don't, all I can do is guess.
Guess #1: We will go in to Lebanon and do more summer cleaning.
Did anyone notice that the "victims" of Kfar Cana 2 were amazingly bloodless? And that the CNN reporter who went to the actual building didn't notice anything odd about a perfectly clean pillow and mattress being on top of the rubble inside rather than sticking out of it? I'm sure that the hizzbullies staged the whole thing. They shot katyushas from there knowing we'd shoot back and in the 8 hours between when we bombed and the building collapsed they emptied all the morgues and put the bodies in there, then, blew the building themselves. They *are* terrorists, remember? That's my bet on it. I'm no expert, but the building did not look like one that was hit by a bomb from the air. The blast looked like it came from inside outwards, parrallel to the ground. Something is very fishy there. Too bad we'll probably never be able to prove it.
Guess # 2: The Hizzbullies will wait a while before shooting at us, then hit hard when we go back to normal. This cease fire the West is so hot for will not happen any time soon, but if it somehow does, the hizzies will break it and we'll be right back where we started. Yes, I do think they were very surprised at our reaction this time. The last time they did something like this and kidnapped 3 soldiers, we didn't hardly blink, and we let the so called Palestinians get away with it too, so, why on earth would we do something now? SURPRISE! Of course there is a minute chance that they just might think twice before trying something again. But don't count on it.
Guess # 3 We will keep on until we achieve our objectives and at some time along the way, we will prove who did what at Kfar Cana and world opinion will switch back to our side. I have a sneaking suspicion that the US and Brits already know what happened.
Things have been way too quiet today, and I'm sure they aren't finished with us yet. A few mortars on Metula are nothing more than an attmpt to lull us back to 'normal' Oy if we fall for it.
That's just my 'short take' on it. I could be all wrong. It will be interesting to reread this in a few months.


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