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Monday, May 21


How's this for insanity? We now have a Libyan leading generic arabs in an uprising against a sovereign government from an internment camp in Tripoli Lebanon. I mean really, what are those generic arabs doing in the those camps? Why are they there after so many years? Why on earth didn't their fellow arabs let them settle in arab countries? Could it be that they know that these particular arabs are prone to terrorism? This new thing Lebanon has taken things to new levels. Bet the Syrians are behind it. News reports say the Al Qaeda is involved too. They really want to destabilize, and take over Lebanon for once and for all. I watched the coverage on Fox for a while but it was so ludicrous that I went over to our news. The way Fox was describing the cloud of smoke coming from the internment camp was too much.They also pissed me off with their coverage of the bombardment of Sderot. By first describing our taking out of terror leaders in Gaza, and then talking about the kassams made it all sound like it was our fault. Ok, so everything *is* our fault. But there are limits. We left Gaza and the very next day they shot kassams. Enough already. Would you all please just get a grip before you find yourselves praying to allah with your butts in the air.


  • At 12:45 AM, Anonymous xpresso said…

    Fox “news” – the operative word in question. The other night they reported these rockets were flying. He said for a while they only firing rockets in daytime. The idea was Israel and its technology was well-suited for night. Well, duh. But then he said now they are so bold they are firing them at night too. So… What’s that tell us? Either they are dumb, don’t care, can’t tell the difference between day and night, or are cruising for a response.

    I was stunned the way he reported it though, like “bold moves”. Haven’t they been accustomed to "bold" assertions and moves all along? On the other hand, CNN will choose to portray resisters striking back – poor innocent turds they are.

  • At 8:36 AM, Blogger Purplegimp said…

    Even some of our news paints the so called palestinians sympathetically. It drives me wild.
    I haven't watched CNN in years. Now Fox is getting to be almost bad.


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