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Saturday, May 12


Thank you ever so much, Olmert, Peretz, Halutz, and the rest of you idiots. Not only did you make a hash of the last war, and in so doing, give Nassralla the idea that eventually he and his hizzbullies will be able to destroy us, you've also given that idiot eye doctor from Damascus the idea that he will be able to get the Golan back.
Would you please explain why on earth anyone thinks the Syrians should even think they have any right to the Golan? Before you even attempt to explain it, read this:http://www.io.com/~jewishwb/iris/archives/955.html
And then try to explain this away:
- Another 16,000 dunams in Syria, of which only 3,000 dunams are on the disputed Golan Heights.
Bought and paid for. Why on earth don't you tell Assod that he can have the other 13,000 dunams, and forget about the Golan. Seems like a fair trade. Or we could give him the Golan and demand the other 13,000 dunams inside Syria proper. Bet he'd just love it if we started a city there?
It's not his. It's still on the land record books as ours, not his.
It's bad enough that you've bought the lie that there is such a thing as a Palestinian, now you are buying into the Syrian myth that the Golan was once theirs, when it is legally ours. Would you lot please wake up and start dealing with reality, before we all have to start swimming west? The fact that say it's theirs doesn't cancel the legality of the deeds that prove it isn't. Well, maybe it does, after all, an Arab only has to say something once and it's gospel truth to the rest of the world.


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