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Saturday, November 18


It's really getting old. This whole thing with the 'so called' palestinians who are well into geriatrics and should be on the verge of death but the idiot Euroliberals seem to want them to keep on helping them no matter the cost to themselves. They just can't seem to figure out that if the P.A. is strengthened, it will be their turn before they know it. It's real simple, folks. We pulled out of Gaza and the very next day the rag heads were shooting their qassam rockets at us and threatening all kinds of deadly mayhem rather than trying to put something positive together. And yes, it is our fault not only for just existing, but, worse, for buying into the lie that there is such a thing as a palestinian people, when anyone who has read two pages of history knows that there is no such animal. It's an invention of radical Islam and it's just that simple. Tell a lie often enough and people will eventually think it's the truth. Just go read Mark Twain's travel diary about his visit here. There's also the fact that this area has never been anything but a waste land in any one but our hands. Is it any wonder they want us gone? Do they actually think that if they get rid of us they will be able to maintain what is left behind? Yeah, right. They've had so much time to get the areas they do have turned around and made into a thriving functioning authority to build a country on, but the only thing they've used that time and billions of Euros and dollars for is to try and get rid of us. That may well happen sooner than any of us thinks, but they will only use that victory as a spring board to turn the rest of the world into an Islamic empire. Why oh why can't the rest of the world figure it out? The rag heads have only said it at every opportunity. The only answer is turn Gaza and a few other pieces of choice Sandland into a parking lot for camels with the meters in Nassralla's living room. It's so sad that so few will only figure it out after they start praying with their butts in the air in fluent Arabic.


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