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Monday, August 14


Ok, so the raghead Hizzbullies think they won. Fine, let them, there are just a few little problems there. What exactly did they win? Nassralla said that he kidnapped our soldiers so that he would be able to negotiate their release for the Hbullies and the so called Palestinians.If he had been able to pull that off, there's no doubt that would have been in a position to pretty much control the P.A. and squeeze us from both North and South, not to mention East eventually. Granted that is just about the only success we had-preventing that. We also managed to get the Lebanese government's ass in gear and their agreement to move the Lebanese Army down to the border, along with a beefed up UN force. We also did a lot of damage to the Hbullie's infrastructure which was mostly houses in the South that had tons of missiles and launchers in them. The houses, missiles and launchers are gone and so are not a few tunnel networks. Our Army isn't going anywhere until the Lebanese and UN take over. Then it will be up to us to make sure everyone behaves.
The Hbullies fearless leader has yet to crawl out of his bunker. Wanna bet it's under the hospital in Beirut that we didn't bomb? He has, however, taped a victory speach that will be broadcast soon. That should be interesting. He certainly likes to talk.
The people on our side who are responsible for this will not be taken to task over it. Sharon is dead for all intents and purposes. And Barak is running around polishing his English. They both knew exactly what was going on up there, and instead of stopping it, let it go on. Ok, ok, if my grandmother had wheels.....we can't go back and fix that, I just pray that we'll learn from it.
I also hope and pray that the proper Lebanese government will find the funds to help rebuild the houses and things that were destroyed in S. Lebanon. If they don't and Nassralla gets an open check from Iran we'll be right back to where we were 34 days ago. It's pretty much up to the politicians from now. And shall we not forget that a good number of those poor unfortunate refugees are members in good standing of Hizzbolla? They'll be going home and rebuilding their militia. Why am I not feeling much confidence?
It might be a good idea to go listen to Nassralla now.


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