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Saturday, August 19


Granted, I'm on pretty wobbly ground scientifically with this, but, I don't really have the data or ability to do it right. On the other hand, I've been following it for years in my own way since 1980. And I bet the science will back it up.
Whenever there's a crisis with our 'neighbors' and we do the right thing-not the politically correct thing-THE RIGHT thing, we get good weather, when we do the wrong the thing the weather is bad. If we mess up in winter, there's next to no rain, if in summer, it gets hellishly hot. It just happened again. During the war, the weather was beautiful, hot, but not too hot. It was comfortable in the shade and not at all humid. We no sooner stopped than it got hot and humid. Really HOT and really humid. Ick. I'm willing to bet that we won't get much rain this coming winter unless we end up back in the fight and doing it right. Of course, there are rarely wars or fighting here in winter.
Just look at last winter; after we left Gaza-no rain, well, there was some, but far from enough or even average.
It's not a matter of religious observance. It's a matter of doing what we are supposed to do.
This last round with Hizzbullies was one big mess from beginning to end. Our fearless leaders from that Olmert jerk to the idiot Minister of Defense,Foreign Minister Finance Minister (he's another whole story) et.al. just didn't do their jobs. I don't much care at this point that Barak (Falula Face) and Sharon are even more at fault for not doing a thing about what was going on in Lebanon with the Hizzbullies from the second Falula Face turned tail and ran and let them dig their tunnels and bunkers and bring in tons of weapons. Hell, *I* knew it was going on (common sense) but they had the intelligence reports and ignored it. Do not even try to tell me that a guerilla group can not be defeated militarily. They could have been defeated if we'd done it 'right' from the start and not hesitated. There is no excuse for the public relations fiasco. It was almost as if we didn't know what they are capable of in that area. They had absolutely no problem making things up as they went along. How many times did a nice clean toy show up on top of rubble and the same people end up in pictures flashed around the world crying over things that never happened. And do not forget Cana 2. A fabrication from beginning to end with dead bodies trucked in from morgues. There's also the casket lie. When asked why there were lots of empty caskets lying around the answer was that they had been damaged by our bombs. Think they were going to tell the world that they weren't burying their dead so they could manufacture massacres? Did we forget the fact that they don't bury in caskets? When was the last time anyone saw a terrorist funeral with the dead guy in a casket? Never! They wrap 'em up in a shroud and bury them, just like we do. Remember the dead guy in Gaza that jumped up from his stretcher and ran off?) No caskets.....And we never bothered to point that out. They also used civilians as shields, then ran inside, put on a dress and blended in with real civilians, all while shelling civilians on our side of the border and whining about us destroying innocent people. HA! It's just too infuriating for words and the world almost bought it. Actually a fair amount of the world did buy it. Their hero, Nassralla is claiming victory from his bunker (afraid to come out, Hasan?), and saying that his little organization will not give up it's weapons. In the end they'll 'join' the Lebanese Army and use it as spring board for spreading even more destruction, and the UN and bleeding heart Europeans will them get away with it, because they are scared that if they don't give in, they'll be next. What they are refusing to understand is that they will be next for precisely that reason.
Terrorism of the Islamic variety is still strong and now they are even more dangerous than ever with this wonderful victory under their uniform belt.
It might be good idea to start learning the Koran by heart and practice praying with our butts in the air. Or, an even better idea might be to start looking at ways to stop them, Syria and Iran before it goes much further. Iran is more intransigent than Saddamn ever dreamed of being, and he has that retarded eye doctor from Syria sounding more bellicose than ever talking about taking the Golan back.
Things couldn't be more wrong here if we planned it that way.
Our intrepid press is too occupied with the chief of staff selling stocks (maybe it was just on his "to do today list") on the same day the fighting started and the sexual harassment cases of our president and that sleaze minister of justice and a few others. They do manage to slip in a question or two about what went wrong with war, but, even though just about everyone here knows exactly what went wrong, and why, we are fooling around with non issues. What went wrong was that this whole country lives on the infantile words "Trust us, it will be OK" then forgets to demand answers when it isn't.
There is absolutely no excuse, never mind justification, for what happened and even less for us sitting back and letting them get away with it. The reason it happened is no excuse and until we get the democracy thing sorted, it will just continue as it is. In a proper democracy the power pyramid has the power starting at the bottom with the people, and going upwards towards the top. In this insane country the pyramid is standing on it's head with the power trickling up to the people at the broad 'base' at the top. In other words, and upside down pyramid. It was set up that way back when, and for that reason will be next to impossible to change, because the only people who can change it are the very ones who will lose their power if we do.
Having elections does not a democracy make especially if the already elected *leaders* are the very ones who decide who we will elect.
The pool is open. How long before we're at it again? Please place your bets before Friday.


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