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Saturday, June 16


So, Peres finally won an election, sort of. The Knesset elected him President after he twisted arms and threatened dire consequences to any MK who voted against. The only thing I'm going to say about that is "Go to Town Hall and read Caroline Glick on the subject.Here's the link:
I'm not going to say any more as long as he's still alive. He's one of the very few people in this country who does scare me.
And of course Labor went and elected Barak to be their fearless leader. I guess I'll just have to suffer his smug superciliousness until the next election simply because I actually do have hope that Israelis have seen the light shine right through him. If I'm correct about that, it means Bibi will win the next election even if as the lesser of two evils. Barak winning will mean the end of Israel sooner rather than later.
We need someone strong with all the chaos in Gaza threatening to spill over into the West Bank. The Hamas have proven beyond a doubt that they only thing they know is how to use violence and destruction to get their own way. They joyfully killed fellow Gazans and destroyed facilities abandoned by the PLO for no good reason other than they we the PLO's. Isn't that wonderfully sensible? At their huge street party celebration they took care to not only threaten Israel, but the U.S. as well. And we are supposed treat them like rational humans? Be my guest and see what it gets you. At best, a bullet in the head before a flight off an 18th floor of a high rise building. They did that to two of their own, so what would they do to us? Skip the bullet in the head? When is the rest of the world going to wake up to what these so called palestinians really are? There's always someone out there just waiting to point the finger at us for all their problems, when in fact their problems are of their own making. After we came into possession of The West Bank and Gaza, the population was allowed practical autonomy locally. They elected their own mayors and local councilors, were allowed to work in Israel proper and they were much better off economically. Israelis were welcomed at their business and traveled freely in those areas. The very minute Arafart arrived on the scene with his merry band of terrorist henchmen, the mayors and other local officials were murdered for having been collaborators with the Zionist enemy. Those worked in Israel were violently encourage to become walking bombs. Hatred for Israel was spewed from every mosque, radio and TV station and taught in the schools. Some of this attitude spilled over into arab areas in Israel proper, and Israelis were suddenly persona non Grata in places they gone to for years. Sorry, but the so called palestinians are nothing more than a malignancy to their own people. In my mind, any one who sympathizes with them deserves what they'll get.


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