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Tuesday, June 12


After all this time spent writing here and talking just about every place else, it finally happened. Striar called to tell me that the Jerusalem Post, our English language newspaper had the above ads on the front page.It couldn't have happened at a better time. There's also one about the Golan Heights, but it's missing a minor detail. They forgot to mention the land we own in Syria. I hope that's just an oversight that will be corrected soon. So, there they all are!(a little fuzzy and not in order) At least I don't feel quite so alone any more. A few more voices have joined mine, and one of them is an ex cabinet minister from the Likud.
Sometimes I don't know whether to cry or laugh during the news and tonight was one of those times. An ex minister from Syria went to talk to one of the committees at the Knesset today and one of our Arab MKs chased after him yelling that he's a traitor to his people. It's not like we even have to ask which side he's on. The Arab MK I mean. The Syrian basically said what I've been saying all along; that Assad only wants the Golan, he couldn't care less about peace, he just wants the Golan. And all this was going on while the Hamas and PLO were going after each in Gaza yet again. The Hamas took some PLO guys to the 16th story of a building in Gaza, shot them in the knees, and head, then threw them off the building. And these bozos want a country?
As if all that isn't enough, Ehud Barak is trying to muscle his way back into power. The very same guy who turned tail and ran out of Lebanon leaving a basis for Sharon to pull out of Gaza unilaterally. Fat lot of good both those moves did us. I get physically ill when I see Barak on TV. He always has this arrogant, smug self satisfied expression on his face that makes my hands itch to wipe it off. He's more dangerous to us than all the terrorists together except maybe for Peres, but I'm not taking him on as long as he's alive.


  • At 6:21 PM, Blogger Boe said…

    Yo Purplegimp!! I'm glad to hear that you have strong feelings about Ehud Barak. Some folks here in the states seemed to pleased that he may replace the "half track over the feet" MOD. Is that a possiblity?
    We are very concerned to recently learn that two terrorist cells tied to the Palestinian Mahmoud Abba' Fatah movement may be starting a "Summer storm" campaign against you specifically targeting Ashkelon and Sderot. Are your intelligence groups on top of this? We are keeping all of you in our prayers

  • At 7:37 AM, Blogger Purplegimp said…

    Yo, Boe!
    Barak winning his election was bad enough, now we have that jerk Peres as President. Luckily that's a ceremonial office only, he's old, and will be able to minimal damage.
    Abu Mazzen's PLO has lost Gaza and it looks like the West Bank will be next.More on the subject later today.


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