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Wednesday, June 6


It's business as usual in the Labor Party. They are embroiled in an election for their head guy. The first round soundly removed Peretz from the number one spot and put Ayalon and Barak in a dead heat to be decided next week in a run off vote. It makes me ill to be exposed to Barak's superior supercilious smirk daily. The man actually believes that he can actually lead the country to peace if elected. After all he has more experience than Ayalon, and thinks he can beat Netanyahu in a general election. Maybe he can beat Netanyahu, but I hope and pray that we won't be that stupid. After all, he's the military genius who turned tail and ordered a midnight scarper from South Lebanon almost 7 years ago leaving our allies, the SLA to fend for itself and most likely be slaughtered by the hizzies, after fighting with us for so many years against the hizzies. Our politicians have good reason to believe that Israeli voter has a short memory and will buy just about anything they are told. We did elect Olmert whose whole campaign was based on his having been Sharon's number two man. That should have been the best reason of all to not vote for him. Sharon lied and mislead the whole country right straight into the mess with Gazan kassams with his bald faced lies. So, being the good little dupes we are, we elected Olmert who went and made a huge mess of everything he touched. Rather than despair, which would be understandable considering our election history, I prefer to hope that this time we'll get it right. We are doomed if we don't.
There was a time when I thought that Avigdor Lieberman just might be part of the answer, then he went and joined Olmert's government and said he wanted to influence things from inside. That has never worked at any political level over here. It's nothing more than selling out your beliefs for a cushy chair around a shaky table and throwing any credibility he ever had right out the window.


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