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Sunday, June 17


Olmert scares me very much these days. No sooner did the PLO boss, Abu Mazzen decide to dissolve the unity government he had with the Hamas, than, oops, there was Olmert in Washington. G-d alone knows what Olmert hopes to accomplish there. It's more than likely that he will help get his arm twisted into helping the PLO. We've already helped them quite enough. We helped them to weapons that Hamas now plans to use against us. We helped them to the whole Gaza strip that Hamas now controls.
So, what's the answer? What do we do next? I'm not in favor of genocide. honest. I'm really not. So, what do we with two opposing warring groups whose purpose in life is to destroy us, and the US? Retake the territories and and try to sort them out that way? Iraq isn't exactly a shining example of that option.
What Olmert should do is come home right now, resign, and let Bibi Netanyahu and Uzi Landau start to straighten things out. I readily admit to not having a reasonable solution, and an unreasonable one is just that. It's time to turn the whole mess over to better minds. Not the usual international suspects whose solution would most likely be for us to go to Masada and jump, leaving the whole area to the so called palestinians. That would work for them, but I don't much like it.


  • At 6:13 AM, Blogger The Crawfish said…

    methinks I figgered it out after making my own blogspot account.

    Word I've seen is that Olmert has offered the Golan back to Syria. He must have the same brain as Jimmuh Cahtah.

    I'm also hearing of IDF forces moving into Gaza in strength. If I was the benevolent dictator over there, I'd blast Hamas and Gaza away. That'd send a BIG message in multiple parts to Fatah. Their rivals would be gone, so it's time to play nice with Israel or they'd be next. I think they'd understand and play ball. They seem to want to be moderates...somewhat.


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