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Monday, June 16


I can't quite remember exactly what is was that made me think of this, but I can't quite shake it.Well, I do know what started me thinking about it.
In trying to explain the situation here with the Hamas, several pundits have tried to compare it to the Canadians starting to shoot missiles at the US for no reason. Nope, sorry, wrong analogy. What it *is* most like is the Abenaki, Adroscoggin and Passamaquody and Penobscot tribes banding together and shooting homemade rockets at towns in Maine. Yup. That's it. These days no one disputes that the settlers took land belonging to those and other tribes, usually by force, and there's a long long list of broken treaties, broken by the 'white men' and still not completely honored to this day.
The Arabs have the unfortunate habit of claiming as sacred land, just about every place any Muslim set foot on, with no regard to the facts of the matter.


  • At 9:24 PM, Blogger THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE said…


    Your last sentence nailed it. If you have not read Uris' "The Haj," I suggest you check it out as it is a great read on the hypocrisy of Muslims and Islam.

  • At 5:03 AM, Blogger Purplegimp said…

    Read it years ago, but remember it well.


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